GRP Snow Shield - Ceylan Composite

FRP Snow Trench


Snow shields are equipment made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, used in the barrier system used to prevent snow from accumulating on the road with the effect of the wind, especially on bare land roads, on the land or adjacent to the road during the winter months. The working principle of snow trenches is to cut the moving snow in front of the snow trenches by reducing the speed of the snow-bearing winds. After the accumulation of snow, the operating cost of vehicles equipped with special equipment used for snow removal may be higher over time than the cost of installing snow shields.

Apart from highways, snow trenches can also be preferred in areas such as military facilities, airports, bus stations, sports facilities where snow accumulation is not desired.

Our company, which manufactures snow shields in accordance with the highway regulations, is a solution partner to its customers in this regard.




Images from the production of snow shields

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