Ceylan Composite - Materials Used in Production

Resins Used in Composite Production

1-Epoxy Resins

Eposxies, that are usually have two components, like other thermoset plastics, convert from liquid to solid after a certain period of time, and it takes to get mature within a week or two to reach final hardness. The combination of glass or carbon fiber and epoxy has excellent mechanical strength. They are usually used with carbon fibers. They are preferred in aerospace and aviation technologies, automotive, medical, marine and construction fields.


  • Provide high bond strength in fiber structures.
  • Have high abrasion resistance.
  • They are not volatile and have high chemical resistance.
  • Have the ability to harden at low and high temperatures.


  • They are expensive when mixed with polyester.

2-Polyester Resins

Unsaturated polyester resins, which are most commonly used in FRP applications both in Turkey and in the world, are resins in the thermoset group in reinforced plastics. They appeal to all kinds of moulding techniques from simple moulding techniques such as hand laying to the most complex mechanized moulding techniques. Unsaturated polyester resins can be grouped into "orthophtalic" and "isophthalic".


  • Low cost
  • Good environmental resistance

Orthophthalic Polyester Resins: It is a general purpose resin, which is a strong material that can be used in places with minimal contact with chemicals.
Isophthalic Polyester Resins: A resin with medium chemical resistance which can be used in abrasive environments. It is a recommended material for applications where there is a chemical spatter or spill contact risk.

3-Vinilester Resins

They are similar to polyester resins. Their most important advantage is that they have an improved bond strength between the fiber and the matrix. The production of reinforced plastic components is utilized for their use in corrosive environments. These polymers are used in chemical plants, pipelines and storage tanks where chemical resistance is required.

Fibers Used in Composite Production

1-Glass Fibers

Glass fibers, or in other words glass fibers, are the most commonly used reinforcement materials in the manufacture of composites. This is due to the fact that, besides its superior features, it is an economic material type. Despite being used with various matrix materials, the main use area is glass reinforced plastic (FRP) industry.

2-Carbon Fibers

Carbon fibershave a high tensile strength and an E-modulus in spite of the low density of the fibers. The properties of carbon fibers which can withstand high temperatures vary depending on the final heat of production. Carbon fibers, which are extremely expensive along with their superior properties, are utilized especially in the aerospace and aviation industry. They have high cost compared to other fibers.

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