Ceylan Composite - Marine Applications & Shipyards

Marine Applications & Shipyards


In marine applications, corrosion has a great effect on metals, especially due to salt water vapor or moisture in the environment. Corrosion destroys metal materials over time. Therefore, metal materials need periodic painting or coating with anti-corrosion agents. Moreover, since metals are relatively heavy in structure, transportation and assembly processes for maintenance and installation are also laborious.

Our FRP composite grating sheets provide excellent slip resistance in possible wet and oily environments and reduce the risks of slipping and falling in facilities.

In this context, our GRP composite products are the perfect alternative solution to metal materials with their corrosion-free structures, strength and lightness.



Discover the Advantages of FRP Composite Products!

  • They are low weight.
  • They have high carrying capacities.
  • They are resistant to corrosion.
  • They have no electrical conductivity.
  • Their thermal conductivity is low.
  • They have dimensional stability.
  • They are not magnetic.
  • They are resistant to UV rays.
  • They can be handled simply.
  • There is no recycling.
  • They do not require painting or maintenance.
  • They can be produced in any color.
  • They are long lasting.
  • They have non-slip structures.
  • Light transmittance can be provided.
  • Chemical and fire resistance can be increased.