Ceylan Composite - Chemical Facilities

Chemical Facilities


Corrosion is a major problem in the chemical industry. Our FRP composite products offer longer life, safe and trouble free solutions compared to metal and similar structural elements exposed to chemical and other corrosive materials. With special type of resin and chemical additives to be used, the chemical and combustion resistance of our FRP materials can be further increased.

FRP composite grid plates provide excellent shear resistance in possible wet and greasy environments and reduce the risk of slip and fall in the facilities.


Discover the advantages of FRP composite products!

  • They are of low weight.
  • They have high carrying capacities.
  • They are resistant to corrosion.
  • They do not have electrical conductivity.
  • Thermal conductivity is low.
  • Dimensional stabilizations.
  • They are not magnetic.
  • They are resistant to UV rays.
  • They can be processed in a simple way.
  • No recycling.
  • They do not require paint or maintenance.
  • They can be manufactured in all sorts of colours.
  • Long life.
  • They have non-slip properties.
  • Light transmittance properties can be achieved.
  • Chemical and combustion resistance can be increased.