Ceylan Composite - Architecture and Building Applications

Architectural and Building Applications


FRP composite grid and FRP composite profile materials can be preferred over traditional steel or wooden materials in different architectural and structural applications due to their many superior features such as corrosion-resistant structures, lightness, resistance to slip and ease of installation. In this context, many examples can be given in terms of application forms:

  • Facade panel applications
  • Suspended ceiling applications
  • Sun breaker applications
  • Walkways in the attic
  • Handrail construction
  • Platform construction
  • Staircase construction
  • Step floors
  • Decoration applications
  • Ramp applications
  • As a structural element
  • Fences


Discover the advantages of FRP composite products!

  • They are of low weight.
  • They have high carrying capacities.
  • They are resistant to corrosion.
  • They do not have electrical conductivity.
  • Thermal conductivity is low.
  • Dimensional stabilizations.
  • They are not magnetic.
  • They are resistant to UV rays.
  • They can be processed in a simple way.
  • No recycling.
  • They do not require paint or maintenance.
  • They can be manufactured in all sorts of colours.
  • Long life.
  • They have non-slip properties.
  • Light transmittance properties can be achieved.
  • Chemical and combustion resistance can be increased.